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About Evaluation Service

Full % provides evaluation service to support people who strives to become professional amateur manga writers.

Artist's big concern is how their artwork is viewed and evaluated by professional's point of view.

By providing this service, our goal is to eliminate those concerns and create opportunities for artists to take a step forward.

Professional evaluators will review your artwork!

amateur manga writers can select who they want their artwork to be evaluated. They can choose the same evaluator, or pick a different once each time.

Evaluation can be done on not only work that is completed, but also those in progress; illustrations, drafts, and storyboards etc.

Scope of evaluation may vary according to which evaluator you select.

*Please check evaluator's profile for more details.

All evaluators will use comprehensive format with a same evaluation scale.

You can set your evaluation results to public. It takes courage to disclose your results, but you may get more encouraging comments from the viewers. Get actively involved!

It is your chance for improvement.

How to get evaluated

  1. First, post your artwork and episode. Keep as "private" if only to request evaluation.
    You need to sign up for user registration
     in order to post your artwork.
    Sign up
    Sign up
  2. Pick your work and episode, then request evaluation.
  3. Next, pick an evaluator from evaluator list.
    Evaluator list
    Evaluator list
    In their profile, you can find their terms and conditions. Please read thoroughly before you confirm your request.
  4. After the payment is made, evaluation process will start.
  5. Pay for evaluation.
    You will receive a confirmation email, please follow directions and arrange payment to the mentioned account.
    Bank fee to be borne by the payer.
  6. You will receive a notice by email when evaluation is completed. Go to My Page and check your result.
  7. Share your results with others!