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How to use this website

Post your Manga on the website

For amateur manga writers or those who strive to become one.

Use this platform to express your creativity. Full% gives freedom for any artists to post their works.

Click on the link below to find out how to post your work.


Production and Sale of Original Goods

For people who want to make their own original goods and sell those goods.

You can select from 500 or more original items, and your original goods can be produced from quantities of one. These can be produced for personal or event use! This enables you to have your own shop and sell original goods while leaving everything including stock management, interactions with customers, and shipping to us.

Click the link in the following banner for how to produce and market original goods.

Introductions to Publishers and Companies

Would you like editors to read your manga even though you cannot take it to them? Would you like work related to your creation but find it difficult to search for such work?

Full% will introduce creators and works to editors and companies in place of you.

Read manga

If you are not an artist, but wish to support one.

You can encourage them by liking the posts, adding in favorites, or leaving comments. Help them get motivated!


Get evaluated.

Do you want to improve your skills?

Professional evaluators will review your artwork.

It does not have to be completed. You can request your draft or illustration for evaluation as well.

Use this opportunity to post any work in progress if you wish improve your skills before you share with public.

The following are services that can be provided on request.


To review

As a professional position, those who support the amateur manga writers.

"I would like to be more active as a amateur manga writer", "I want you to create better works"

If you would like to make use of such feelings, please join us!


Note to the users:

In order for all users to have good experience on this website, your good manners, use of appropriate language and behaviors would be much appreciated.

Thank you for your support and cooperation.