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We are looking for evaluators and amateur manga writers.

Join us to become a manga evaluator.

We are looking for professional amateur manga writers who can evaluate artworks submitted by artists.

Easy steps: 1. Set up your own terms such as maximum pages you can review or evaluation fee. 2. Read / review the manga submitted. 3. Evaluate using a comprehensive format.

We pay you part of the evaluate amount minus the service charge 20%.


Once you post your artwork, you will be able to do the following:

  • You will get reviews from viewers (likes, comments, added to favorites)
  • We can receive requests for both short-term and long-term work
  • We can publish introductory booklets for publishers and companies
  • Original goods production/marketing service(Full% x Original Goods Lab)
  • Publishing in Full% comics
  • On request, you can get evaluated by professional evaluators.

Your work does not necessary have to be completed.

Anything related to Manga and illusts production such as drafts, storyboards, character illustrations etc can be submitted as well.

If you want to improve your skill, sign up and get actively involved!

We welcome you!


*All users of this website are required to refrain from the following.

  • Posting contents that are violent or inappropriate for some ages.
  • Positing contents to target and defame someone.
  • Posting something other than your own without appropriate authorization.
  • Unauthorized use of someone’s work (copy, sell, leak, or give to a third person)
  • Leaving disparaging remarks and comments or threats.
  • Direct transactions outside of this website.

Please be noted that if we find any of above actions, your content may be deleted or violation may be reported.

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