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Support amateur manga writers!

Full % support artists to improvement on techniques and create opportunities to expose their artwork.
This platform provides freedom to share anything from draft, storyboard to illustration which allow artist to be in Full % (in full power).
We believe it is very important to get as many participations from artists as well as those who are not.
We would appreciate any warm and encouraging comments and reviews!

It is very easy to participate!
Sign up for full % and just like any posts you like!
Your support can be very helpful.

Easy steps to support artists.

  1. Sign up for full %.
    New registration
    New registration

    Information required is very simple. your email address, nickname and login password only.
    Confirmation email will be sent to your email address. Please follow steps to continue.
  2. After user registration, add rest of your information such as your profile picture and introduction.
    It is not mandatory to have a picture or a profile,
    however it will be more encouraging for amateur manga writers to know who is supporting them.
  3. Find your favorites!
    Manga search
    Manga search

    Go to Manga search and start browsing.
    You can filter your search results by genre, latest post, or by likes.

    Keep reading posts that interest you
    Like the post if you like it
    Save in bookshelf if you want to read again
    Please leave encourage comments.

    Everything you do will encourage the artists.