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Guide to post your artwork

Once you post your artwork, you will be able to do the following:

・You will get reviews from viewers (likes, comments, added to favorites)
・We can receive requests for both short-term and long-term work
・We can publish introductory booklets for publishers and companies
・Original goods production/marketing service(Full% x Original Goods Lab)
・Publishing in Full% comics
・On request, you can receive constructive review from a professional evaluator

Your work does not necessary have to be completed.

Anything related to Manga production such as drafts, storyboards, character illustrations etc can be submitted as well.

If you want to improve your skill, sign up and get actively involved!

We welcome you!

Easy steps to post your work.

Follow below steps to post your artwork.

  1. Sign up for Full%.
    Information required is very simple. your email address, nickname, requested courses and login password only.
    Confirmation email will be sent to your email address. Please follow steps to continue.

    Sign up
    Sign up

  2. After user registration, add rest of your information such as your profile picture and introduction.
    All you need to do is provide the necessary profile picture and introductory statement, select the course, and start receiving work!
    You can change your photo and profile later after given some time to think.

    Amateur manga writer search
    Amateur manga writer search

  3. Let's post your artwork
    At Full%, the Manga Department and Illustration Department are separate. The person doing the post will be chosen based on the manga or illustration.
    In the case of the Manga Department, Full% will manage your art into 2 categories; "art" and "episode"
    In the case of the Illustration Department, you can either post multiple illustrations as a collection or a single illustration. You register the title of the illustration, the illustration itself and an introductory statement.
  4. Register the episode or illustration!
    In the case of the Manga Department, once you post your artwork, please post your episode.
    Episode is a section of storyline that is divided into shorter length so it is easier for readers to follow.
    You can post each episode with a title, a cover photo and introduction.
    You can also post manga data for each page.
    Each data should be in JPEG file, each side within 1,000-2,000 pixels.
    The Illustration Department uses JPEG or PNG format files. The maximum file size is 4MB.
  5. Check that the episode or illustration is displayed.
    In the case of the Manga Department, Check if your post can be viewed correctly in the right order.
    In case of the Illustration Department, confirm that the posted illustration is correctly displayed.
  6. Share your episodes with public!
    You can "share" your episode with public
    Administrator will review your episode and authorize for posting.

    Shared Manga
    Shared Manga

    Shared Illustration
    Shared Illustration

  7. Once you post your artwork, you are a worthy amateur manga writer! Also use your profile to appeal to the viewers.

    Be ready for reviews from the viewers!

What kind of services are there?

You can receive the following services at Full%.
There are a number of services you can receive free of charge, so please carry out free registration first!!