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Recruitement Evaluators

Full % is providing evaluation service to support and encourage artist striving to become professionals.

Artists' big concerns are how their artworks are viewed and evaluated by the professional's point of view.

Goal of this service is to eliminate those concerns and provide opportunity for artists to take a step forward.

We need help and support from professionals such as Magazine editor, Manga school teacher, Professional manga writer etc.

If you can relate to our value or wish to support amateur manga writers, please sign up from banner link below.

We will get in touch with you with further details.

Steps to become an evaluator

  1. Sign up for Full %.
    Sign up
    Sign up
  2. Fill out the inquiry form and let us know that you would like to become an evaluator.
  3. Administrator of this website will review your profile and experience as a professional to see if you are qualified to participate as an evaluator.
    We will get in touch with you with the result.
  4. When you are qualified, you will obtain status as an "evaluator" on your profile.
  5. Manage Evaluation will be added to My Menu. Please complete your profile including genre, timeline and price etc.

Once you become an evaluator

Start evaluating

You will receive an email notice when evaluation is requested.

Go to My Page and check if the request matches your conditions.

You can decline a request if it does not match your requirements.

It is important to make your conditions clear to avoid any misunderstanding.

Once payment is made, you will receive a request by email to start evaluation.

Please be considerate and complete evaluation within the stated timeline.

Use the evaluation format and send to the artist.

Payment for evaluation

We will process payment once value become over 10,000 Yen upon your request.

Please be noted that 20% of the value will be subtracted as administrator’s operation fee.